I reserve all rights for my photos. If you wish to use one for more than just desktop wallpaper for your phone or computer, please contact me. Printing a picture you found online for personal use is stealing!

If there is a photo I have taken that you want as a print, please contact me. I only have a select group of photos I offer in my Cafe Press and Fine Art America stores. I may offer other prints in my stores at a later date.

I will post of pictures of people in public on my blog. I will never sell them.

I will never sell a photo that was taken inside a building or on private property, unless I've been given permission.

I will never sell pictures where people are recognizable, unless I've been given permission.

I feel it is fair, since I am not making money from this blog, that I can post pictures of my blog that I would never think of selling because they were taken on Private property, etc.

If you have any questions, please email me

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